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Tricks a Sport Psychologist Uses to Make Golf More Fun & Perform At Their Best.

Golf is tough on your mental, even for a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (formally known as a sport psychologist). Here are a few tricks I use to make the most of my days on the course:

Visualization: I take a mental journey before each shot. Close your eyes, visualize the perfect swing, feel the rhythm, and see the ball screaming towards the target. Visualization primes my mind and body for success, turning each shot into its own perfect moment.

Bump Some Jams: I love playing golf with music in the cart or hanging from my bag (always at a respectful volume, of course). For me, music has the power to keep my mood in a good place and focus-it is hard to be ticked off about a chunked shot when you’re listening to some Tyler, The Creator.

Challenge Your Comfort Zone: Inject excitement by introducing challenges into your rounds. Try different clubs, experiment with unique shots, or set mini-challenges with the others in the foursome. Not every round of golf has to be for score, breaking routine keeps things interesting and promotes adaptability and growth.

Don’t lose your head when out on the course, always remember that there is much you can do to stay in control and in a place of gratitude during a “bad” round of golf. Golf is supposed to be fun-let’s make sure it stays that way.

Come Hang With Us. 

-The No Bunk Team

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