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Scottsdale was a Dream.

This weekend (2.23-2.25.2024) the No Bunkers No Bogeys Golf Club held a Meetup in Scottsdale, Arizona where we were able to enjoy some GOOD GOLF with GREAT People!

The weekend started with a Friday night driving range meetup at the CORONADO GOLF COURSE where we did some target practice trying to snipe their big metal drums 100yrds out and ended with a lively Saturday Scramble at Western Skies Golf Club that included a turtle rescue!

Over the past few days, we've been able to get golfers from all backgrounds and skill levels to come together for the love of the game and what has resonated for us has been the joy that came from fellowship and human connection.

Our amazing contest winner Meghan said it best this weekend when she talked about how our goal is to give people the chance to connect and/or play golf with others of a similar mindset, even if they have a different skillset. That approach creates a safe and welcoming environment for golf, allowing the best of every attendee to shine and for us all to focus on enjoying the beautiful human moments and emotions that only come from this game.

We can't wait to return to Scottsdale to see our new friends and collaborate with them to build a more inclusive golf community because they are HUNGRY for change! Who knew that amongst the cacti and desert wildflowers, we would find so much love.

Much Love & See You Again,

No Bunkers No Bogeys

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