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Building a dream is privilege.

Building a dream is privilege. So many of us in life don’t get a chance to touch our dreams, let alone see those dreams manifest into something tangible and real.

JJ and I have had the joy of seeing this simple idea - golf is for everyone and we can make it so - take root and you all have been such a force in helping us realize that goal.

It’s also a huge moment of vulnerability when you let someone into that dream and you give them the ability to shape it and color it with their own vision of what your idea, your hopes, your manifestations can be when fully realized.

Getting to work with Jordy Barrett was everything we could have dreamed for in a creative partner. He honored that vulnerability and hope we have for No Bunkers No Bogeys and brought it to life with fidelity. We’ve always hoped we’d find a human to document this journey with the passion and understanding that we can visualize the world we want.

Jordy, JJ and I are so grateful for your skill, your care, your commitment, and your true joy in capturing a game that means so much to us and making the experience beautiful and engaging.

We appreciate you, brother! Thank you for meeting us at the first tee.

Matt, Co-Founder of No Bunkers No Bogeys Golf Club

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